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Our participation was sought early on in the development of the new Rutgers Business School, now under construction at the Livingston campus. Our primary role, as with One York, has been to prepare the Construction Documents and provide Construction Administration services, but we are also contributing technical expertise that will assist TEN Arquitectos in completing the Design Development Documents. After we take over the production of the bidding and construction documents, the Design Development Documents will require little or no design changes. We expect that our expertise and counsel will affect the building's layout, form, and size, and we have been advising Rutgers in the areas of code compliance and material and systems selections. Our participation at client meetings informs our approach to the client's interests, and our presence at meetings with consultants and product representatives is invaluable for our successful interpretation and development of the design details. Throughout our continued participation, we will remain sensitive to TEN Arquitectos' design concept in all our input and recommendations.